Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place my order?
Place your order here using the online cart.

Do you sell to patients or physicians?
We sell only to licensed health care practitioners.

What happens when I place my order?
We'll ship you 2 PAXgene tubes and complete instructions regarding draw, freeze and shipping protocols. We'll also include a form outlining all the patient information we need. You will draw 2 tubes of blood, freeze overnight and then send us the sample (on dry ice) and the patient history. We'll provide you with a report identifying dysregulated pathways that are associated with CIRS.

How long will the test take?
Time from Progene DX receiving the tubes to producing your reports is approximately 5 weeks.

What do I get?
Once you ship us the 2 PAXgene tubes, we'll conduct the testing, analysis and generate a comprehensive Pathways report and a summary report. We'll then email you instructions for downloading your reports.

Can I get help with the report?
Yes. If you have questions about the report, Dr. Shoemaker is available for telephone consults for $200 per 30 minute call. Instructions for arranging a telephone consult will be included with the reports.

I still have questions.
Call us at 410-957-1550 or email us at