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Changing the way we diagnose

Let us help you diagnose the precise systems that are causing your patient's chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS).

CIRS has multiple sources including: exposure to environmental sources of biotoxins; chronic illness from Lyme disease present even after treatment with antibiotics. The exposure to environmental sources of biotoxins includes a chronic exposure to the interior environment of water-damaged buildings (WDB) or ingestion of fish contaminated with the toxins of marine dinoflagellates, such as ciguatoxins.

Patients with CIRS are often misdiagnosed as having depression, stress, allergy, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, somatization, etc., and are treated with various therapies, some of which have not yet been shown to be effective and are costly.

CIRS is often misdiagnosed because,
UNTIL NOW there have been no confirmatory clinical assays.
Our protocol results in comprehensive information based on a proteogenomic analysis that identifies proteins and genes that, in subjects suffering from CIRS, are differentially expressed compared to healthy subjects.

With Progene DX, you can see what is happening at the gene transcription level so you can target your treatment.

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