The Center for School Mold Help

The Founder and Executive Director of  The Center for School Mold Help (SMH), Susan Brinchman, is a former California public school teacher. She has been impacted by exposure to damp buildings, molds and mycotoxins in two schools, over a five year period, after working for 25 years as a dedicated and successful teacher. One of these schools has, since, been demolished. Upon learning that damp schools, with their resultant growth of molds and bacteria, present a serious, extensive, national public health problem, Mrs. Brinchman founded this organization in order to prevent similar exposures and illnesses from harming other children, teachers and school staff.

The SMH Board of Directors is comprised of a group of teachers, parents, and community members concerned about school mold. Our Science Advisory Board is headed up by Dr. David C. Straus, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, The Center for Indoor Air Research, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Researcher in Sick Building Syndrome and Fungi.

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