A Meeting of The Minds: A SurvivingMold Conference Series Event - SAVE THE DATE

A Meeting of The Minds: A SurvivingMold Conference Series Event - SAVE THE DATE

Together - the medical, environmental, and remediation industries - finding a complete solution for CIRS patients.


JANUARY 17 - 20, 2019

The energy and pace of the Surviving Mold conferences are pushing the boundary ever further with the next gathering in Ft. Lauderdale Florida in January 2019. The explosion of medical knowledge from Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and a team of medical professionals matches the might of the Falcon Heavy rocket that is propelling Elon Musk's Tesla to Mars!

Keep up folks - this is a must-attend for the veteran Surviving Mold certified medical professionals as well as the newbies. Working with these medical professionals will lead to understanding how to work with many other medical professionals dealing with health effects from mold and bacteria.

A new angle is being introduced because a total solution for CIRS patients requires healthy, living environments free of microbial pollutants. The Indoor Environmental Professional Panel of Surviving Mold has identified the a better way of inspection and remediation of property to ensure recovering CIRS patients won't be re-exposed to the hazards that made them sick.

Their consensus document is a blueprint for success that inspectors and remediators can follow. But the environmental industry has been slow to respond, showing an unwillingness to change their procedures. CIRS patients often struggle to find the right contractors.

CIRS patients are scattered throughout the country - and the world. The handful of current Surviving Mold consultants and the remediation contractors working one-on-one with them is not enough to serve this population. Help must be nationwide.

Change is happening - slowly. The S520 - the industry standard for remediation recently updated in late 2015. It’s being updated again. This ANSI standard for professional mold remediation is a starting point to understand mold remediation and cited by OSHA.

This conference is reaching outside of the medical community to find partners that will provide the kind of remediation suitable for sensitive populations. Leaders from those industries are invited to come and listen to the doctors to find out first hand why the Consensus Document should be followed if they want to be successful with fungal fragments. Those leaders can tell us their difficulties in implementing the changes. We will talk and together strive for better answers for patients and clients.



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